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Using a discount code online is a quick way to save money, but their are other ways to get things cheaper other than using a voucher. A voucher code is that small bit of code you enter into the 'do you have a promotion code' box when you finish your shopping and would like to pay. Most times you just ignore this box as you don't have a code, but sometimes you've done your research and have a code before so you know just how to shop to save the most money.

Discount codes are pretty awesome at saving you money in the UK as more and more customers are buying online and getting more lower prices via discount codes and vouchers. One established website all about discount codes is called Deal Alerts and it's been around for many years providing lots and lots of discounts, coupons and vouchers for everything you can buy online. They main stores they have so far are Missguided, Nike UK, Bags ETC and Schuh but they are expanding each day with more and more retailers to save you money. Take a look at their selection of promo codes and discounts today and see how much you could save.

Many times these discount codes don't work as they should, and it can be a real pain having to find a working one. There are some discount code websites out there that don't update their codes very often, and this just takes forever to find one that does work. Some sites including this discount code site remove their expired codes from the page so you know exactly what works and what doesn't. Another plus is that most voucher sites check and update their codes accordingly so they know which codes are fresh and which have stopped working.

Like I said before, their are ways to get things cheaper other than using a discount code site. A prime example is this site where you can find the cheap versions of good products that get the job done. The site is called Cheap Stuff and it's very basic but tells you where to find the cheapest stuff while not compromising on quality. They work closely with top uk retailers like Argos, B&Q and many more to show you where their best prices are. You can also find a similar site called where they basically hunt down all the deals and sales for you so you always get a bargain price.